Thursday, April 8, 2010

Common OBIEE Errors and Resolutions

In this post I am going to cover some common errors faced during OBIEE implementation and its resolution, in the windows environment. I am hoping this will be handy to anyone who is new to OBIEE.

Unable to Log In
Error connecting to the Oracle BI Server: Could not connect to the Oracle BI Server because it is not running or is inaccessible. Please contact your system administrator.

Common cause(s):

  • "Oracle BI Server" windows service is not running. Starting the service could resolve the issue.
  • In case the BI Server service is running and still the error occurrs, check the port the service is listening to is matching with the port specified in the ODBC DSN for the analytic repository. In NQSConfig.ini file look for RPC_SERVICE_OR_PORT. The default value is 9703. The ODBC DSN name can be found in instanceconfig.xml

"Oracle BI Server" windows service is not starting.
Common cause(s):

  • The RPD file specfied in the NQSConfig.ini doesn't exist in the repository folder.
  • RPD file may be inconsistent. Open it using Admin tool in offline mode and fix the consistency errors.
Error Generating Chart
Error Codes: ETI2U8FA

Common cause(s):

  • "Oracle BI Java Host" windows service is not running. Starting the service could resolve the issue.

Access denied for user to path /users/username/_portal.
Error Codes: O9XNZMXB

Common cause(s):

  • The specified user doesn't have permission to read/write to the his/her catalog folder. To resolve the issue, login as Administrator and grant permission to the user to his/her catalog folder using catalog manager.


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